Firm Profile

A Cross Section of our Firm

We are a fresh and energetic award winning landscape architecture firm with a bad habit of edging on the more modern and contemporary design styles. Though some of our traditional and classical work has been praised widely. We often are consulted by architects for site analysis and planning at an early stage of the design process because of our skill-set  and wealth of tools pertaining to the land. We also work on landscape remodels to liven up a tired landscape and to accommodate a clients changing life style.

We provide our services to any paying client but historically our main focus has been  to the upper margins of the residential sector. We specialize in high mountain and desert style landscapes for private retreats and resort style developments across the inter-mountain west. Due to the damage that building inevitably inflicts on the land, a restoration effort is always called for, especially in environmentally sensitive areas to restore the views, and the feel of the site that was present when the owner first chose it and fell in love with the location.

On large sites Bockholt really comes into our own. We are especially well suited for a prime roll in a building projects sited in remote locations through out the inter mountain region. Often times in this scenario the land takes precedent for the owner as it was the inspiring factor in the projects location. For these types of projects Bockholt has worked as the owners representative organizing a team of professional architects, engineers and contractors,  liaising between the owner and the team to establish a program and master plan, to move forward smartly. We are able to make strong front end determinations to develop presentations to governing bodies showing how the project has been specifically designed to minimize impact and restore or mimics natural systems in order to give the project a better chance for approvals.

Our motto:

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be” -from Shakespeare’s character Polonius in Hamlet

Sums our goal up.

In many studios ideas are often borrowed from past projects or offices then re-used again and again across the board as a way  to economize efficiency and maximize profits. While that mentality certainly has its merits in certain scenarios; we believe that creativity early in the process  is key to what we do.  Every client pays for and deserves an  original and creative element specific to them and their project.

Founder Seth Bockholt is a longtime artist and accomplished designer. He was recently featured in Western Home Journal’s article ‘The organic Art of Simple’ for his light-touch style. He is a fresh and energetic Landscape Architect; but he is no spring chicken. Unique for landscape architects he has substantial time with boots on the ground and in the field which lend him real world site and landscape construction experience. He has been designing and developing large land projects from the ground up since 2008 after leaving the Marine Corp. A well traveled veteran he appreciates history and has respect for peoples ways of life and their profound connection with the land they call home. This defines his approach of heavy analysis to truly understand the project leading the design towards big picture solutions. He is renowned for his vision and drive to transcend challenges and leverage the potential of projects in various ways.